Chapter 3 is Available!

  Hi, Patreon fans. Chapter 3 of my new Work in Progress The Road to Redemption is now available on my Patreon page.   This is a work of gay fiction in the urban fantasy/ post-apocalyptic world. I really appreciate your support and can’t wait to bring this newest book to you all. Check out my page. […]

Africa and the Butterfly Effect (Ode To Hurricane Season)

    This is Africa, birthplace of humankind — high heat shimmering high grasses, — where, this day, along a dried dirt road a tiny, pigtailed girl successfully shook loose her mother’s handhold. Women of the village, traversing that same slender highway, often paused to talk, often let go that link to the future, and […]

Filtered Water (Poem)

(Photo Izzy Gerosa) I give my plants and dog filtered water as i smoke a pack of Marlboro’s a day i do yoga and eat pizza and sometimes when i’m conscientious I’ll have a salad with ranch i love rock and roll, show tunes, and opera and i sing with a voice that sounds like […]

Hey artists! Shut up and ….

Dance, sing, act, paint, craft, write! We’ve been hearing that a lot lately – especially coming from people who take umbrage to artist’s expressing a certain political view. “We don’t pay you to hear about your politics,” they say. But you do, Blanche, you do. From the paintings on the Sistine Chapel to the man who […]