Grocery store famous (Poem)

I danced in the grocery store line
Bobbin my head to a memory
Was it Whitney? Maybe Paula?
Hmmm, it doesnt matter it was familiar.
And I sang along.
When my mother took me as a child
To Framer Jacks or A and P
I used to hate the music piped over the intercom
Songs from an age in which I was unfamiliar
But as I hefted produce, and cheese, and wine to the conveyor belt
I slipped back in time for a moment
And dance and sang with my coupons and money in hand
Unafraid, unbothered, singing in harmony with Steve Perry
About a boy born and raised in South Detroit
Yes. I was happy for a moment
And the headliner in lane number 9

Never should (poem)

Never should a winter be so cold
Or I, so lonesome
That I can not hear the whispering words of my lovers heart nor feel the warmth of his tender cheek agaisnt mine
Never should my heart be turned to stone, and I so unmoved
That the sins of my father escape my attention and I abandon my humanity for comfort
Never should my passions burn so bright, and words be so sharp
That I sear the flesh off of youths starry hopes and with my tongue tear asunder their dreams
Never should a winter be so cold, and I so calloused
So rigid and inflexible that the things I detest about the world turn me into its worst example

These are the things I fear as I get older, late at night, in the midst of February.

The Exchange (poem)

We trade things
Independence for happiness
Money for food
Our bodies for pleasure

We exchange ourselves
Self assuredness for acceptance
Money for drugs
Our hearts for mere moments when tomorrow may never come

There are no receipts for these things
No bills of lading as time has nowhere to go
And no one to receive it

We borrow from others What we give away
Need drives us to take
Whether it be in sitting next to a friend
Or in erotic embrace

Does the end come
When we’ve given away all we’ve had?
All that we are?
Does our life slip from us when every ounce of give is gone?

Is that what it means when we say
‘They were taken’?
Because they’d nothing left to give?
And to whom are they then received?

The universe?
I am?

I wanted to love you (Poem)

I wanted to love you
And wrap you safe in my arms
When the night winds swept with frosty diligence to rattle the bones of the house
I wanted to love you
With my words
Kissed on the back of your neck
Or on that soft spot on your hips
I wanted to love you
In the morning as the sun or grey light
Filtered into a room that smelled of dust and spent love.
I wanted to love you
In the midst of a storm as the world rages with its power, celestial entities casting light down with the heat of ten thousand suns
I wanted to love you
I just wanted to love you
And I’d hoped, and dreamed, and begged
For you
Love me

I Can Feel It (poem)

I Can Feel It
by F.E. Feeley, Jr.

My heart is heavy
I see chaos everywhere
Ripped society, frayed at the edges
Like fabric worn and washed again and again and….

Time is going so fast right now
Even among the familiar, the shadows of uncertainty is creeping across a vast glassy lake.

I hear in the air, a rumble
Like distance thunder far off but not far enough
In the day I see shimmers of something right outside of sight
Only at night as the world sleeps do I feel any sense of relief

Shoulders are more bent
Bank accounts are thinner
Anger and fear vibrates in unspoken words between glances of strangers

Whispers of a nameless fear from Tolkien
Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came
Jacobs trouble from revelation
Each unfortunate story known to man
In this world filled with antagonists

Badges with no honor
Wars with no end
Religion that crushes souls under foot
Where ignorance is rewarded
And water and air poison the future.

I can feel it
I can feel it
I can feel it
I can

Do you (Poem)

I love the way you do you
With the way you keep your hair
And the mess you leave when your not here
I love the way you smell, what you murmur at two am as you sleep
And how you think I’m brilliant

I love the way you do us
The way I miss you when your in the living room
Or the way you make me go with you for cigarettes and our Sunday pastries

We’re in the body of Christ
At least that’s what they named this damn city
But I’m in paradise just the same
I don’t think blue waters over white sands would change much
Or streets of gold for that matter

I love the way you do me
I can’t finish this without a disclaimer
But I’ve been criticized by outsiders for my role in this marriage
If they only knew how we got down
They’d blush and get quiet

Do you
Do us
Do me

You poor, poor busy man
Someone should take pity on you….


You like it

A shift in the wind (Poem)


When the wind shifts direction
How powerless we are
When the sky itself dips down from the heavens
Tracing circles in the sand

We flee and dash and hide, our powers lay prostrate
When mother decides to pay us attention
All our masterfully built lives
Left a kindling matchstick reminder of our place

When with a tigers roar the doors burst open
And the roof caves in
When windows shatter and the bow breaks
It’s then that the cradle falls
The tears and anger and frustration
Are merely an infants cry to a neutral woman

“Live or die”, she says
“But mind my temperament, children
Of me you were born and to me will you return
I’ll cradle you close or crush your spine
For all it takes
All it really takes
is a flick of my wrist and a shift in the wind.”

Oh, Professor (a psalm for knowledge)

Oh professor
Teach me your stories
Tell me your truth
And give to me your life’s ambition
So that I may carry its burden with me

Teach me, weigh me down
Bid my mind to think
To ponder, to wonder,
And put lines on my face
And truth in my heart

Be that Thorn in my side
The lessons that cause me to question
Turn what I know as concrete truth
Into a porous vessel

Heave it upon my shoulders
And bend my back a little
With the weight of the world
So that I become not a sophist
But a speaker of true things

I’d rather be blinded by hot white light
And walk in darkness with ears that know truth once it’s spoken
Than be shrouded in foggy uncertainty
With only a moments notice before tripping over my feet

I’ll accept it gladly, the pain and the pleasure
That makes me odd, rather queer
And know that while I can change a life
I’ll be heartbroken to know, even with this collective knowledge
That I am powerless to change the world

Jesus and Me (A Christmas poem)

Silver lights all aglow
In window sills and bows
Decorations through the trees
The three Wisemen praying on their knees

Before a manger on the lawn
In front of homes lit up till dawn
And here I am just waiting to see

What Christmas time bring this year
Will it be full of cheer
Will I wake up in a bed
With the one I love so dear
Will I sing amazing grace?
With a smile upon my face
Or will it be just Jesus and me?

Decorations of blue, red, and green
The prettiest lights you’ve ever seen
Adorning homes so warm and bright
On these cold December nights
Children sleeping in their beds
Sugar plums dancing in their heads
And here I am just waiting to see.

What will Christmas time bring this year
Will it be wonderful, my dear
Will the world be at peace
Will there be joy, and enough to eat
Will someone pray, will someone sing?
Peace on earth for every human being?

Or will it be, just Jesus and me?

Here I stand in my bare feet!
With barely enough to eat!

Will it be just Jesus and me?


My mother taught me a song when I was a young kid called, Pretty Paper, written and performed by Willie Nelson.  And every year, I listen to it. And every year, it reminds me that there are those who are less fortunate than I am .

It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of the world. It’s easy to get isolated into your own myriad problems and get tunnel vision over things like the Holidays. And sometimes, even though this is supposed to be a joyous time for people, we can kind of get the blues.  Sometimes we can’t afford to give the best gifts. Sometimes we can’t afford to get very much at all.  But if you can read this, if you have access to something that allows you to read this, then perhaps we can take a moment and be thankful for what we do have.

A warm bed.

A roof over our heads.

Food in our bellies.

Maybe you’re being pulled in different directions and your frazzled. Or maybe like that Carrie Underwood song goes, “It’s been a long hard year.” And maybe this year Christmas isn’t as sweet as it’s been in times passed. But maybe we can take a moment, and stop, and consider what we do have. And be thankful for it.  And maybe we can remember that this holiday is one of giving.

But wherever you are and however you feel. Remember, you are not alone.

Down by the riverside (poem)

When time is tender
And the moon is full
Lay me down in a bed of grass
Down by the riverside

As the water is cool with the rush
And the clay baked warm from the suns touch
Let’s meet at the edge together
By the riverside, down by the riverside

You touch me here, I’ll touch you there
Let our clothes spill everywhere
Till were naked in the air
Down by the riverside

We won’t need no blanket for warmth
No pillow to hold our heads
Our arms will cradle us both
And the grass’ll be our beds
On the riverside, down by the riverside

With age old motion

you’ll belong to me like the river belongs to the ocean

our hearts sated by sweet emotion

spent, and weary we’ll sleep there

on the riverside, down by the riverside

And the night will give way to the day
After witnessing the love we made
Two hearts naked and unafraid
Down by the riverside.