My thoughts on Donald Trump’s Shithole Statement



2017 was the year for irony and it looks like 2018 is going to similar in those regards.
Donald Trump’s “Shithole” comment about Haiti and other countries that are predominantly brown-skinned is another example.
Why is that?

Well, here in the United States we’ve had several mass shootings in schools since 1980 with a death tally of almost three hundred. Since then, there has been no legislation passed to prevent the murder of our nation’s children.

We are the last major industrialized nation on the planet without universal healthcare. Last night a man videotaped a woman, clothed in only a hospital gown, being dropped off in the middle of nowhere because she couldn’t afford to stay in the hospital any longer. She was dropped off in Baltimore, Maryland in the dead of winter.

Speaking of Universal Healthcare – the coverage we do have under The Affordable Care Act – provides healthcare for 13 million people. The Republicans are doing everything they can to repeal that and therefore leaving those 13 million people without adequate care.

This past summer, partygoers at a concert in Las Vegas were gunned down when a deranged psychopath who had no business owning weapons, opened fire on the crowd. 500 people were shot, and fifty-eight people lost their lives. Thoughts and prayers were distributed but no laws have been passed to prevent this from happening again.

From what my African American friends tell me, there are 0 places where they feel safe from being murdered by psychotic police officers.

Speaking of African Americans – it wasn’t until 1955 that this country stopped hanging them for arbitrary reasons in places like Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas. The last recorded lynching that I know of was a very young man by the name of Emmett Till. He was 14 years old and was accused of ‘wolf whistling’ at a white woman. She was offended. He was brutalized and murdered for it. To paraphrase FDR, it doesn’t matter how poor a white man is, if you can convince him that he’s better than any black man rich or poor, you can steal his money and he’ll thank you for it.

Here in the United States is a hatred of people of color so bad – that there is a phenomenon called White Flight. See, they’ll tell you that places like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore all suffer because black people live there. What they won’t tell you is that when African American people move in – white people pack up and leave taking their tax dollars with them. Because you see, even though a court decision back in the 1950’s ruled against segregated schools – they’ve still not gotten used to the idea of little Bobby and little Suzie going to school with little Tyrone. They won’t say it outright – but whenever there is a shooting like the one in Vegas, they’ll bring up Detroit or Chicago as an example as to why guns are necessary. But don’t let that fool you as those cities are code for the word black.

Right now in our legislature, Republicans are working tirelessly to end health care for children under a program called CHIP. A bipartisan piece of legislation passed in the 1990’s provided health care for 9 million kids. Children. Speaking of Children, according to the Washington Post, America has the highest infant mortality rate all the wealthy countries of the world. We sadly boast a death rate of 6 children per 1,000 born.

Wages have had no real growth since the 1960’s. According to Forbes magazine, 65 percent of Americans cannot afford a 500 dollar emergency. With the steady decline of unions and the spreading of ‘right to work’ states – those wages aren’t expected to move any time soon.

America ranks 14th in Education, 24th in Literacy, and 17th in Educational Performance. The richest country in the world doesn’t know how to read very well. The top ten are:
South Korea
Hong Kong SAR
United Kingdom
New Zealand

And everyone gets mad when they call a helpline and get someone from India answering the phone. This is why.

According to the military times, The United States in hemorrhaging veterans. According to them, we are still losing 20 veterans per day to suicide. For as patriotic as we claim to be – that’s a national disgrace. Oh, by the way, the Republicans are also trying to do away with their healthcare benefits as well.

Here in the United States – we are in the midst of a terrible opioid addiction problem. However, studies have shown that medical marijuana and nonmedical marijuana use curbs people’s addiction to meth and heroin. However, as a response to brown vs board of education – those sneaky little politicians declared a war on drugs in the 1980’s which has disproportionately affected people of color. What? Really? Now how on earth did that happen?

We also have a huge fight in our country over conservativism versus liberalism. The conservatives claim they love to cut taxes, spend small, and allow businesses to create revenue. Yet, out all the states in the union, all but two are these deeply red states are referred to as ‘moocher’ states. They are, according to¬†

Mississippi, 42.9% federal aid as percentage of general revenue
Louisiana, 41.9%
Tennessee, 39.5%
South Dakota, 39.0%
Missouri, 38.2%
Montana, 37.4%
Georgia, 37.3%
New Mexico, 36.6%
Alabama, 36.1%
Maine, 35.3

That means that for all the smack talk they do about liberals, they really don’t mind spending their taxes.

I know a lot of people were offended by what Donald Trump said. Rightly so. He’s a racist, ignorant, bigot. Among his almost daily outrages, he’s failed to help his own people – such as Puerto Rico who suffered a massive blow to their little island because of a hurricane. His supporters have laughed at them during their misery. However, the joke is on them. Puerto Rico is one of our biggest suppliers of I.V. bags. Thanks to the killer flu season we’re in – there is one hell of a shortage.

I love my country. I served in the Armed Forces after 9/11. Yet we have our flaws. Major, major flaws that should prevent anyone with any sense (I know that excludes the racist in the White House) from making fun of anyone or calling anyone’s home a shit hole. Keep in mind, however, that only 37 percent of the country approves of him while almost 60 percent thinks the shit hole is in the Oval Office. And of those 37 percent of supporters – a vast majority of them are too dumb to understand that they’re going to suffer the worst.


Who protects us from the States and it’s people?

So, I just watched the episode of Glee where there is a school shooter. Or – well, an accidental shooting but of course, the school goes on lockdown and the actors go through the motions.
And I found myself sobbing right along with them.
Our bodies have a natural self-defense system. Our Amygdala sends a message to our pituitary gland and adrenal glands saying, “This is an emergency, give me adrenaline and give me cortisol.”
Our bodies are instantly flooded with these stress hormones and we enter fight or flight.
Now imagine if you were in a high school classroom with twenty other students and suddenly shots ring out down the hallway. The teacher dives for the door, locks it, turns off the lights and lines you along with your classmates up against the wall.
Right now, your body is flooded with these stress response hormones and you’re being told to sit and be very quiet while you hear gunshots and screaming echoing down the hall.
You know, in your head, that people are dying. You know, in your head, that the shooter is not very far from you and there is nowhere to go and nothing to do but for you to sit and wait your turn.
Those kinds of stressors are hard enough for an adult on a battlefield let alone for a teenager who’s just starting life. Who’s biggest concern five minutes earlier was over the test they took in their last class.
Now, imagine you’re a middle school student.
Are you done?
Now, imagine your six.
We drill for this now in schools like we drill tornado warnings and fire alarms. We drill for active shooters.
This is our new normal thanks to Columbine and thanks to Newtown Connecticut among others.
We will try and regulate the hell out of a woman’s reproductive rights (not really, we’re just trying to punish women for having sex), we’ll take ‘stands’ against gay marriage for moral reasons, we’ll even cry over a New Disney film.
We claim morality in these cases – but at the end of the day, it’s a gaslit morality. It’s completely fake.
However, there is something morally dead about a society that will not try and regulate guns and keep them out of the hands of the mentally ill or require background checks.
And of course this all will descend into conversations of mental health and the beloved 2nd Amendment – but this is always where the conversation stops.
I watched this show – and I know it’s just a show – but the idea of my kid or any kid sitting on top of a toilet seat in a stall in a bathroom because that’s where she was caught when the shooting started – terrified for her life, or the idea of a child saying goodbye via text or ‘these are my last words’ videos on a cellphone makes me sick to my stomach and I don’t even have kids.
Going after marriage rights or reproductive rights is already soulless. Taking away people’s automomy is the act of a tyrant. I just never thought our country would sink so low, that in our quest for Liberty or Death – we’d had our children the “Or Death” part of the equation because we’re too fascinated with the wet dream of killing our own government.
You know, just to throw this out there, 9/10ths of the laws we encounter on a day to day basis is not Federal Law. It’s state law.
And as far as I am concerned it’s been the states in the past eight years or so sweeping away people’s rights by so-called moral members of society – when they’re not too busy fucking male prostitutes in motel rooms.
So- at the end of the day the question is this – if the federal government’s role is to protect all of its citizens, why can’t it protect us from the states and it’s people?