I Don’t Wish to be Friends with the Past (National Poetry Month)

unsplash-logoJonathan Bowers I don’t wish to be friends with the past Tis like tiptoeing through a graveyard of broken headstones crumbling Where sculpted angels with folded wings weep And forgotten crypts lay dark I’ve grown, and changed, and got older While yet the lay still where I left them In the same spot, the same […]

Sounds of Spring (National Poetry Month)

  unsplash-logoStudio Dekorasyon   I wake up in the morning drifting sunlight through my window grackles chatting up the neighbors somewhere on another lawn Fan above me whirling nestled deep in cover warmly lawnmowers buzzing pleasantly, underneath the morning sun I sit up, bones a’crackin’ reach for the ceiling I feel my back poppin’ I […]

Silence and the rest of you life (Poem)

I took yesterday (4/4) off from National Poetry month to observe the anniversary of the passing of Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. as well as the birthday of the late, great, Doctor Maya Angelou who would have been 90 years old. So, I would like to continue today with a poem request from a friend […]