White male gamers are kinda ridiculous.
I watched a review for Battlefield 5 – mostly because I’ve never played the franchise before and wanted to know if the previous games had such great campaign modes as the fifth installment.
This guy went on and on about Bioware adding a female character to the mix and how that was historically inaccurate. Also, how dragon age was not about friendship, and how SJW’s are ruining games for ‘the mass of people that play them’.
I guess the head of Bioware’s little girl wanted to know why they couldn’t have a girl in the game and the president couldn’t give her a good answer – so he included one.
First of all, it’s a game.
It’s not historically accurate – because you’re ‘character’ wasn’t there.


And how historically accurate is D-day, when you’re silly behind, is respawning all the time? Right?

They bitched at Bioware wanting to be inclusive and give everyone a chance to see people like them. That doesn’t make a game bad.
The comment section read like a Trump rally of “The majority of players” who are tired of SJWs ruining their ‘franchise’.
There’s a part of me, lately, regardless of what I am part of or viewing, whether it be a game, or a television show, or a movie franchise, etc. that I wish the creators would stop talking to the fandom and just produce what they produce and leave it at that.

If the franchise succeeds, great.
If it doesn’t, fine.
If those that were fans leave, okay.
Find something else.

But this level of animosity toward content creators is really kind of egotistical.

I mean, these people put these youtube channels together with these clips, music, and special effects to criticize someone else’s work.
Why not take that energy yourself and create something they want to play?
My thought? is that it puts them on the other end of people’s expectations. Into a possibly uncomfortable situation where they too may not be able to please everyone.
The thing is – it’s tough being a content creator. The internet has enabled people to become these self-aggrandizing end alphabet level ‘stars’ where criticism is a commodity to trade in.
And it’s not just here – I was tagged in a discussion about the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel a couple of days ago and the conversation about not recognizing a character as a lesbian was this huge offense to the writer.

I’ve seen the pilot and I went on to other things – but this conversation went on and on. You have no idea what the story will evolve into. What the writers have planned. What the production houses insist on etc.
At the end of the day, however, – if the show isn’t what you want – don’t watch it.
If the game isn’t what you want, don’t play it.
If the book, movie franchise, do you see my point?

Why waste all of that energy into railroading someone when there are a million other things out there for you to do?
On one end, you have a bunch of people demanding that creators be true to the original story – but on the flip side of that, those same people aren’t happy with similar stories so the creators try to change things up and then all hell breaks loose because they changed it up.
There’s absolutely no way to win.

They’re not in love with the franchise – they want the nostalgia. Meanwhile, they actively try to have things shut down, send out petitions, make these youtube videos criticizing anything that threatens that nostalgia.

People criticize religion for being fuck all but dammit – Star Wars fans can be bastards too.
Maybe it isn’t the religion that’s the problem. Maybe it’s the people.
At some point, I wish the ability to create stuff was suddenly gone. Like, no one can publish, produce, etc. anything new for a specific amount of time.
When these motherfuckers get tired of watching football or having to exist in a constant state of reality to the point in which they’re pulling their hair out because that’s a recipe for insanity, then they’d appreciate what they have.

Until then, content creators. Create. Then turn off the fucking social media and let them stew in it.

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