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First and foremost, I am a husband to my wonderful husband, John. I am a father of our five-year-old German Shephard, Kaiser. I am an avid reader of Mysteries, Horror, and Suspense, and biographies. I am a gamer. My favorite ones are Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Star Trek Online, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed, Fallout, and Civilization Five. I love to cook and I love trying new recipes (hint hint). I am an avid music junkie from POPular music to Opera, to Showtunes, Gospel, Rock, Rap, and Hip Hop. I am also a Poet – a lot of which is offered on this web page for free. And I do some gay fiction writing from time to time.

I love connecting with people. As an ex- fundi, I grew up in a world where there was this invisible boundary set down between me and the world around me. I felt more like an observer than an actual participant in that world. Since I’ve left fundamentalism – it has been my constant endeavor to be a part of the world. To be a part of humanity. And when I write my poetry or my books, I draw from the experiences of being raised in that environment as well as the experiences of tasting the bouquet of humanity I’d been denied all those years ago.

It’s a way to entertain people, writing is a way to connect to them, as well as a way for me to recover from the world I’d lived in all those years ago. Thank you for coming on my journey with me.



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” A man who can cry is the sexiest thing on earth for me, and somehow Feeley (who, by his own description is a big tough tattooed man) writes these guys really well….” -Prism Book Alliance

“I fell in love with all of the characters (even the creepy ghost) and I was very pleased with how everything came together at the end.” – On Top Down Under Book Reviews

“One of the best things that can ever happen is to chance upon a horror novel that actually got me the goosebumps and chills. The last time this happened was when I was reading Stephen King’s ‘It.’….This increasing intensity was so unhurried, I did not notice I was terrified. Until the daughter came in. I screamed. She screamed back.” – MultitaskingMama


“The way the author showed today’s contemporary life of a committed gay couple and mirrored it against the, not nearly distant enough, past is particularly well done” – Attention is Arbitrary.

“I enjoyed this book. It’s certainly a great break from your normal m/m romance, I’d recommend it.”  – Live Your Life, Buy the Bok

“I had to read this page gripping story from beginning to end and so must you” – World of Diversity Fiction

“…my head and my heart are just overflowing with what this book makes me think and feel.”  – Love Bytes


“What I did love was the paranormal thriller aspect of this story. It was creepy and awesome. There was corruption and injustice. I was screaming for vengeance so I probably enjoyed the murder scenes more than I should have.”   Its About The Book

“Written in prose that reads like poetry…This is not only a horror story, a ghost story, but also a first-class murder mystery”- Becky Condit

“…this is a very different read compared to the previous books but this is also the most romantic, the most touching and the scariest of them all.” – MultitaskingMama

“F.E. Feeley is a romantic soul; and that soul opens itself up to his readers in this third volume of the Memoirs of the Human Wraiths series….he’s a writer worth waiting for.” -Prism Book Alliance

When Heaven Strikes - High Resolution (1)

“Wonderfully and passionately written, I cannot recommend this one enough. Read it, and be prepared to soar with the winds of love.” – Charlayne The Paranormal Romance Guild

“Fiction is frequently a black and white rendering of the real world. Good guys vs. bad guys, beginning and an end, undying love and deep-ingrained hate. I find comfort in that, many of us do. It’s simple, straightforward, easy. A way to relax. Nothing wrong with that. But when a book transcends that, when it excels in showing the human existence as multifaceted and as colorful as it can be…that’s when reading a story can make you into a better person.
It takes courage to look for goodness and love in debris and hate, and it takes a brilliance of mind to find it. Mr. Feeley’s writing is both courageous and brilliant.” – Roe Horvat

“This story is filled with lies, surprises, fear, racism and redemption. ” – Linda

“Hair-raising and heart-warming. A book as complicated as it’s many characters.” Ulysses Dietz

“So refreshing and it is so enjoyable to read an honest ghost story told incredibly well.” OJCast

“Feeley’s Closer is one of the best ghost stories I’ve read in a long time.” John Inman

“Suspenseful, Gripping, Heartfelt” JayReads

“Here Kitty, Kitty, the water won’t hurt you. Just come a little Closer.” Thorns and Ink

“Holy cow, this novel was freaking amazing! A perfect combination of horror, romance, and survival all rolled into a fast-paced, terrifying story that kept me up well into the night, reading with every light blazing in the house. F.E. Feeley Jr. has released a spellbinding story in his latest book, Closer.” The Novel Approach

“F.E. Feeley Jr. writes a deeply poignant tale full of vivid descriptions, well thought through folklore and at a pace that keeps you tuned to the page with rapt attention. The balance of fiction, paranormal, romance and Stephen King-type horror is beautifully combined into an engaging journey, which I thoroughly enjoyed. ” Smut Librarian

“For me, there were several that I enjoyed; the ones about trees and nature, and those about lost loves, but the ones that moved me the most are ‘The Rain Remains the Same’ and ‘The Man by the River’. If you enjoy poetry in general, you will enjoy this book.” Mary Magdalene

“A heartfelt collection of poetry that reaches out to you a little bit differently on any given day. You are given a taste of the seasons, of nature, of love and of the grace of traveling through life. You are taken through tours of pieces of the author’s soul, what he cherishes and what tears him apart. Read a sample or two. If you are a lover of poetry that settles your heart, then I think you won’t be disappointed.”  Rebecca Brown


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  1. Hi – I just finished A Lighter Shade of Blue. I just wanted to tell you that I loved it. These guys made me deeply and quietly happy. It really spoke to my heart. I read it in one sitting both because I needed to find out how it would end, but also because I just fell into it. Thank you for writing it.

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