Hurricane outside, Maelstrom within (poem)

    Flickering lights and uncertainty rolled out in front of us myself, my family the wind crashed whistling through the eaves of the house like an errant train in the dead of night lightning danced  Death had come ashore and ghosts were marching to martial music thundering heels against the coal black night the […]

My book Trailer (When Heaven Strikes)

Award Winning author Micheal Scott Garvin calls When Heaven strikes – ‘a magnificent gem..’ Paranormal Romance Guild said, “The author holds a beautiful line of the interaction of the new lovers, and the suspense of the upcoming Garden Party and the imminent storm; which was genius in its flow.” Others have said, Here’s the book […]

Violence and Scars ( a call for passive resistance)

  Photo by Gerrie van der Walt on Unsplash I remember the day 9/11 happened. It’s something that is seared into my memory. The whole day I was in shock. I fell asleep to CNN and woke up to it still playing on the television with picture after picture, replay after replay of the hijacked airliners and the […]