Change is coming, Preacher. And it’s coming fast.

We’re coming up on a year of marriage equality.The world has changed. My world, has changed. Many people’s lives were changed. Those who are gay, their world changed for the better. Those who aren’t gay. Their lives didn’t change at all. Their marriages are still together – one would assume. Their families are still together- […]

The LEast of These (Christmas in MAY short story)

Hi all, I was inspired by a recent law passed in my home state of Michigan, that outlaws what they call, “Aggressive Panhandling.” And instead of writing a blog about how outraged I am, and pointing out that it was passed on party lines, from people who claim to love God the most, I figured […]

Write your story (Hop for Visibility)

Fear Hate Bigotry Homophobia Transphobia Bi-phobia Racism Sexism Violence Pain Exclusion Erasure ERASURE … Everyone who has drawn breath, has a story to tell. Everyone who has lived longer than ten years on this earth, has a story to tell.  This world is not easy to live in. By any stretch of the imagination regardless […]

Some days

Some days I feel the air on my face And some days I feel the shadows creeping out from underneath the live oak Some days i feel like a beloved And some days I’m just damned Some days I am the sexiest man alive And then some days I’m Quasimodo Some days I am Sir […]