Self love (poem)

Turn your eyes inward And see the glory of what you are See the rise and fall of your chest The pulse in your neck Perhaps linger at the swell of your breast See the roundness of your belly and know that you are fed Place your palm over your left Peck And know that […]

The tapestry (poem)

The tapestry is old Threadbare Pulled apart slowly over time Bleached by the light of day And dust has settled upon its face It was once beautiful and refined With rich colours woven throughout The envy and pleasure of those who gazed upon it And now its ignored Passed by Forgotten It waits to be […]

Ghosts (poem)

As clouds gather on the horizon And lightning flashes across the black anvil clouds They come again, the storm watchers I can see them Right outside my periphery A glimpse of Shadow in the flash A pair of eyes Here a moment, and then gone only to return in greater numbers Another face Another and […]