Vive La France! (A Poem)

Paris City of light, city of love Fairest art thou in the spring Shadows shuttled cowardice to your doorstep tonight Yet through unknown terror Parisians started to sing Your anthem so rousing and noble Proudly heard throughout the shock, stilled world Your character shone strong in your voices Triumphant even as horror unfurled You brought to a […]

Husband (We are the body erotic)

Tangled sheets and tousled hair At three a.m you murmur Updates for me in your dreams about work and the life that you live when you go there But what really gets me Is when you’re awake you need And that need gets me higher and higher See, my husband I exist to feed you […]

Autumn is her name. (Poem)

Autumn, the wisest of the sisters. With red unbraided hair. Dances across cool night winds to casts spices in the air. She’s the comforter of the four, you see with eyes of palest green She sings the earth to sleep each year, and bids the world to dream Winter is coming before too long The […]