I want to go to England

I want to go to England and walk beside the river Thames I want to go and see the ruins of ancient churches, and step the stride of kings I want to ride onto the Moors on horseback where knights did make their wars And travel cobblestone passages between ancient wooden doors. At night I […]

Well Past Midnight

It’s well past midnight Laying on my side I listen to the exhale of my man In his sleep And the wind cascading from the heavens They both whistle breaths Exchanging harmonies As he exhales the trees rustle And as the world inhales His chest bows out It’s well passed midnight Laying on my side […]

His blue eyes (A Poem)

His eyes were like the sea after a storm When the waves sweep swells southward as they stumble Bluer than the gems of merchants guild’s baubles Were those orbs That fairies that haunt forgotten forest become bereft Enchanted, bewitched, and bejangled Are those who gaze upon them Their cool color calms calloused characters Into sweet […]